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Welcoming a new child into the family is an exciting time but one that can also be intimidating. New parents in Palo Alto, California, want to ensure that their baby is happy and healthy, and Dr. Michael Taymor knows that newborn and infant examinations are critical to attaining that goal.

Newborn and Infant Examinations Q & A

When does a baby's first pediatric appointment take place?

Shortly after birth, hospital staff will give a newborn baby a thorough medical assessment. Each new arrival is screened for a number of different health conditions, as well as markers of proper development. However, it is important for parents to understand that the first few weeks of a baby’s life are full of important changes, and it is absolutely critical to schedule an independent pediatric examination within the first two weeks after birth. Doing so will ensure that the newborn is adjusting well, and is meeting the established developmental markers. There are a number of conditions that can affect an infant’s health, and early medical intervention can greatly improve treatment outcomes for those babies who require special care.  

What takes place during newborn and infant examinations?

During the first in-office pediatric appointment, physicians are looking at developmental markers. The infant will be weighed and measured, and the circumference of the skull will also be measured. A full physical examination will follow, including testing for reflexes and general responsiveness. The pediatrician will ask questions about the infant's feeding patterns and how he or she is sleeping. All of this information and data will be placed in the infant’s medical record, which will remain with them throughout their childhood and beyond.

How can parents prepare for their initial pediatric appointment?

Parents should arrive at their pediatrician's office prepared to fill out paperwork prior to the appointment and should have their insurance information on hand. They should dress their baby according to weather conditions, but with an eye toward selecting clothing that can be quickly removed when it is time to begin the appointment and is easy to put back on once the physical examination is complete. It is important to avoid contact with anyone in the waiting room of the pediatrician's office to reduce the risk of illness. Parents should also take the time to write down any questions they may have beforehand, so they are able to make the best use of their time with the pediatrician.

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