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Having a baby is a significant life event,and is one of the most exciting yet challenging things Palo Alto, California, residents will experience. Dr. Michael Taymor understands the anticipation and anxieties that new parents face and offers a new parent consult to help address those concerns.

New Parent Consults Q & A

What is the purpose of a new parent consult?

No two families are alike. Each has its unique set of needs, challenges, and expectations for their child’s healthcare. A new parent consult is designed to help parents select the pediatrician who can best meet the needs of their family and new baby, hopefully from his or her arrival through childhood, adolescence, and young adulthood. Awaiting the birth of a child, whether the first or fourth, is a time full of unknowns, and selecting a trusted pediatrician early on can help put expectant patients at ease.

What is Dr. Taymor’s care philosophy?

Dr. Taymor practices integrative evidence-based medicine, which means he utilizes the widest possible array of proven treatments, including both those from traditional Western medicine and natural therapies. He advocates using the least invasive and natural treatment options whenever possible. Dr. Taymor is also a proponent of the patient-centered “Medical Home” model, which means he works in a trusted partnership with his patients and their families and oversees and coordinates any necessary specialist care.

When should a new parent consult be scheduled?

Some parents wait until after the birth of their child to schedule a new parent consultation. However, a better approach is to schedule this appointment before the baby arrives. That gives parents an opportunity to express their concerns and learn more about pediatric care before they are overwhelmed with the birth of their baby. It also allows parents to meet their chosen pediatrician and to begin building a relationship that will hopefully last for many years to come. Pediatricians are just like everyone else; they bring their own personality, beliefs and approaches to their profession. Finding a doctor who shares a family’s overall approach and who is personable and friendly is important.

What services are available during the new parent consult?

One of the biggest advantages of attending a new parent consultation is understanding the full range of services offered through the pediatrician's office. Many parents spend so much time focusing on the stages of pregnancy and delivery that they overlook preparations for what will take place once they bring their bundle of joy home. That's where a new parent consult can be extremely beneficial. Parents are given information concerning services that they may need after the birth, including lactation counseling, nutritional information and general best practices for caring for a newborn. Having that information can provide enormous peace of mind during what can be a tumultuous time. In addition,

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