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General pediatric care is a cornerstone of raising a happy, healthy child. Parents in Palo Alto, California, are encouraged to find a pediatrician whom they trust, and who can help improve and maintain the child's health through every stage of development.

General Pediatric Care Q & A

What is a "medical home"?

Despite the name, a medical home is not a destination or a specific place but is better understood as a model of healthcare. It is a treatment philosophy that places each patient's needs at the center of all healthcare efforts. The focus is placed on making healthcare accessible and highly coordinated. In terms of pediatric care, the model is centered on having a trusted pediatrician who can serve as a family's resource for wellness checks, diagnostic efforts, advice and medical guidance. Having a medical home means knowing where to turn when a child is ill or injured, or when parents simply have a quick question.

What if an issue arises that requires the services of a specialist?

For most children, pediatric medical care will be composed of annual pediatric checkups and treatment of various minor illnesses and injuries that virtually all children will encounter at one time or another. However, there are also circumstances that can arise that necessitate the services of a specialist. At that point, the pediatrician can work to refer the patient to a practitioner who is best suited to provide a particular type of care. Dr. Michael Taymor can draw from the professional connections he has made during more than two decades of practice to find a specialist who will provide the same level of care and communication that a family has come to rely upon. Once a patient is working with a specialist, Dr. Taymor will then communicate directly with the specialist to coordinate ongoing care needs and continue to monitor the patient once the course of treatment is complete.

What services are available under general pediatric care?

The foundation of general pediatric care is built on annual checkup appointments, including ensuring that the child is up to date on his or her immunizations. In addition, patients and their families turn to their pediatrician when a child becomes ill or experiences any type of medical condition. Pediatric care also encompasses evaluation and treatment of injuries sustained during childhood, whether during play or athletic pursuits.

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