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It is difficult to overstate the importance of having an annual pediatric checkup. When families from Palo Alto, California, bring their children in for their annual visit, Dr. Michael Taymor is both pleased and honored to provide a thorough physical evaluation and discuss any areas of concern.

Annual Pediatric Check Up Q & A

What is the importance of having an annual pediatric checkup?

One of the most important aspects of regular medical care is collecting information in the form of a medical record. From the time of infancy through adulthood, individuals will undergo physical evaluations, whether through well-child visits, treatment for illness or emergency services. The data collected during those events is important, as it paints a picture of each individual’s overall health. When that data is stored in one central location or record, medical practitioners can access the information to devise a treatment plan, plot its development, and avoid prescribing medications that the patient may be allergic to or that have proven ineffective in the past. Developing a comprehensive medical record is one of the most important aspects of an annual pediatric checkup.

What takes place during an annual pediatric checkup?

During the visit, the pediatrician will complete a full physical examination, checking to make sure the child’s heart, lungs, vision, and reflexes are all functioning properly. Height and weight data will be collected, as well as blood pressure and several other basic readings. Then the physician will speak with the family about any areas of concern and answer any questions that parents might have. If vaccinations are due, they will be administered during the visit. Most important, the child’s overall development will be checked to ensure that he or she is growing and maturing properly.

Why are these visits scheduled only once a year?

The annual pediatric checkup is designed to monitor growth and development, as well as to ensure that vaccines are up to date. There are times when a child will need to come in more frequently, such as during infancy or when there are areas of concern, such as a childhood disease or ongoing medical issue. It should also be noted that while annual physical exams are the norm, parents are always welcome to contact the office or schedule an appointment any time they have questions or concerns. The annual pediatric checkup should be viewed as the foundation of ongoing medical care.

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