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Michael Taymor, MD

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Many families in Palo Alto, California, struggle with issues related to ADHD and other behavioral disorders. Over more than 20 years of practice, Dr. Michael Taymor has acquired the skills and experience needed to help local families address these difficult issues and work toward meaningful solutions.

ADHD & Behavioral Issues Q & A

What is ADHD?

ADHD an abbreviation for a condition known as attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder. ADHD is a brain disorder that limits a person's ability to focus and also leads to periods of intense hyperactivity and impulsivity. In children, ADHD manifests as an inability to stay on task during normal school or play activities, high levels of disorganization and difficulty maintaining focus. Hyperactivity is a state of extreme agitation, during which kids fidget excessively and seem compelled to move almost constantly, even when the situation demands sitting still. Impulsivity is noted when children make quick decisions without thinking through the repercussions. They may seek immediate reward and be unable to delay gratification.

What are the treatment options for ADHD?

Fortunately, researchers have learned a great deal about ADHD and how to best treat this disorder. Children and their families have access to a number of different treatment options and can combine various approaches to find a solution that provides results. In some cases, medication is used to help control the child's impulsivity and improve focus and attention span. Some of these medications are a type of stimulant, which works by counteracting the brain chemicals that cause ADHD. In addition to medication, many patients benefit from behavioral therapy, which helps teach children to monitor their own behavior and to seek reward based on making positive choices. Cognitive therapy can also help kids increase their mindfulness and be more aware of their thoughts and feelings.

What about other types of behavioral disorders?

There are a number of different behavioral disorders that can occur during childhood. Kids who have ADHD often experience additional behavioral issues, although some children will face only one behavioral challenge. Obtaining a proper diagnosis is critical to determining the best course of action. Dr. Michael Taymor is committed to taking the time needed to fully assess each patient who presents behavioral symptoms in an effort to provide an accurate diagnosis. From that point forward, families are given options as to how to proceed with treatment, based on their own particular set of needs and goals.

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